What’s your story? Hugging people I don’t know: Free hugs in Krakow

I had been dreaming of this moment for years. I remember in high school, when I first heard about it.


Free hugs.


I think it was the first time I realized the world could also be a good place. The first time since we moved to France that I saw people doing something out of kindness, out of love.

Every since that day I dreamed, without really finding the courage to do it by myself, I dreamed that one day I would have the courage to grab a sign, go somewhere and offer free hugs.





Free hugs.


It sounds beautiful and sad. There’s this melancholic note in the saying: free hugs.

We live in a world where people can’t conceive the idea of hugging someone genuinely, and much less, hugging a complete stranger. I saw people on the street trying to find out if it was really free, if they were advertising for something, or if the guys were pervs. Older ladies would frown at the sight of the signs.

Doesn’t it sound lovely? When you’re walking down the street, going home, when you had a bad day or are simply too busy with life to enjoy it; isn’t it nice to stop for a second and feel loved?

I ran to them. Literally.

And you know what,

They saw me running towards them and instantly three people opened their arms. With a smile, and a friendly face. It was as if they were there to catch me. No one stepped away at the crazy woman who was running towards them.



And I loved those hugging seconds. I mean, I had dreamed of this moment for such a long time, how could it be disappointing? I hugged all three of them, as if I had this insatiable thirst of genuine affection. A proof that the world can be a good place even when some fight and kill. Even when some hurt and starve.

There’s always good in bad. Perhaps the key is to look for the good, and try to go beyond darkness, move, go where sunnier days await.

This was the story of a little girl who wanted to break social conventions and follow the heart. The story of a simple dream come true. The story of a woman who was shown that dreams can be lived. The end of woman, and the start of a new person determined to give others the love they need to carry on.

Thank you hugging team!



If you too want to hug life away, here’s their facebook page in Krakow:



September 3, 2015

5 thoughts on “What’s your story? Hugging people I don’t know: Free hugs in Krakow

  1. I am from a country where hugging is seldom done, almost not at all. However when I travel to some countries where hugging is a daily thing has changed me. I love the genuine hug, and slowly adapted to the culture. Thanks for the information. 🙂

    • Every country has its rules regarding human contact, but these “free hug” groups are international and it feels soooo good! You can just look them up on internet, typing “free hugs + name of city”.
      Hope you join sometime!


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