What’s your story? Chasing flowers in Slovakia

A grey, cold Sunday afternoon in Slovakia.


The feeling that the weekend has flown by.


The melancholy of having to say goodbye to a friend.


A bus that can’t take the usual road to Devin.


A bus driver that let us out in another village, 3 km away from the Devin ruins.


A bus stop. Three friends looking at each other.


Three friends looking at the castle from 3 km afar.


Three friends looking at what seems to be a pub in someone’s courtyard. In front of the bus stop.


Three foreigners crossing the street and entering the pub. Sigh of relief, it is a normal pub.


A wonderful pub, on this shady Sunday. With a stove in the corner, music and proper beer.


Three Slovak friends playing ice-hockey on a Playstation. Six people bonding. Beer, cigarets and smiles replace the little English we can use to communicate. A game of Tekken, a game of football table (breaking a player’s legs made the game a bit more difficult to win), singing Bob Marley and teaching each other how to say ” no legs” in English and Slovak. Laughing like kids when trying to hit the ball with the legless player.


And finally, chasing flowers. A simple, pretty game that would calm down any group of boozy young adults on a Sunday afternoon.


Goodbyes and promises to meet again, some day.


Who knows.



Bottom right of the picture… unforgivable crime







Sometimes everything falls into place…



February 22, 2015

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