Two years later, my week still starts on Sunday

Two years after having written this and a minute after re reading that post, I realize that today is Sunday, that I am again looking for a new job and that I feel the same way I felt when I wrote that first note. I feel the same, I’m in the same place feeling the same wanderlust slowly eating my brain. But I’m not the same person. 

What have I learnt from my recent travels? Too much. Too much about me, about the others, about Asia. The circle is complete and I’m ready for a new start. I came back as a strong, decisive woman who has learnt how to control her anger and her fears. I have learnt how to accept others, how to live with a completely different culture. I became more tolerant towards certain aspects and less towards others. I cope with the fact that I don’t fit in what society wants me to do and to be, and I accept that relationships are due to change if people can’t tolerate  your difference.

I wrote on the other post that I was feeling tired, sad and nostalgic but today I’m not. Today I feel free, I feel confident and above all, I am happy. I am a happy person who fights for what she wants and she likes.

My week starts on Sunday, ready to set a strong foot on Monday; ready to start again and start a new circle.



June 15, 2014

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