My week starts on Sunday

Sundays are special days. I wouldn’t say depressing or boring, just special. In this path I chose to follow, Sundays are the only day when I can sit and think about my week. What I did good or wrong, what I didn’t do, what I need to do. A lot of questions arise: Am I happy about what I’ve done this week? Was it useful to me or to someone else?  Have I learnt from my recent travels?


This week has been emotionally tiring and frustrating. We’ve stopped travelling for a short period, while looking for a job somewhere around the world. But even if it’s just a matter of time, stopping is very hard for us. No hikes, no people to meet, nothing new to see. All our time is dedicated to finding a job anywhere new and a mere week seems deadly infinite. I have a wanderlust that’s killing me.

So no need to stress out that this week has been full of nostalgia and anger but  I’m still optimistic! So we managed to spend a few good moments also, enjoying the dearly missed cidre, junk food and crappy TV programs.

Nostalgia starts here, with Haley Carr, a singer we met in Winnipeg:


Happy Mornings:

Long afternoonss:

January 27, 2013

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