Moving to Bratislava, Slovakia: what you need to pack

Following the steps of packing for Xi’An, here’s a non-exhaustive list of what to take with you if you’re moving to Bratislava. As always, take the essentials and never take something you haven’t used in weeks with you.

Bratislava has a continental climate and four clear seasons. That means that your suitcase will get heavy because you need clothes for all kinds of weather.

1. Summer
Summers are hot and fairly dry. The sun rises between 5 and 6 am, sets at7pm. The temperature can go as high as 40°C and in my time there, didn’t get lower than 25°C.
So packing summer clothes won’t be an issue here: shorts, skirts or dresses, sandals and t-shirts. Don’t forget your hiking shoes, there’s a lot to do around!
Thumb rule: the key is to take few clothes and pair them up. Remember, every top has to match every bottom!

2. Autumn
The good thing with an interseason is that the only extra thing you will have to take with you is a light jacket. Other than that, youalready have everything you need if you’ve packed for summer and winter!.

3. Winter
Winters are cold, long and have very short days. The sun roughly rises at 6am and sets around 4pm… It will be raining a bit at the beginning of November but you really have to be ready for the snow. Temperatures are not that cold compared to Russia or Canada, but the fact that it snows makes you pack: warm jumpers, a proper coat, waterproof shoes or snow boots. You’ll get the gloves and hat when you get there!
Thumb rule: It’s always best to buy winter clothes when you get to the country. Stores in Slovaquia will sell adequate clothing whereas what you’ll find in your country probably won’t be what you need. So pack light!

4. Spring
Close your eyes and picture the best things about spring. That’s what you’ll find in Slovakia.
As with autumn, living through Spring won’t make you pack extra clothing.
Thumb rule: pack smart! Try to take a light jacket for the interseasons that’s also waterproof, so you can wear it on those rainy days. Same goes for your daily shoes, stick to the pair that will keep your feet classy, but dry!

5. If someone had told me…
That I would find stores selling clothes for a euro, that brands like H&M would be cheaper than in Western European countries, that packing two leather jackets was completely useless, and three pairs of heels was way too much; my suitcase would have weighted 15 kilos and I wouldn’t have had to come back with extra luggage…


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December 9, 2015

2 thoughts on “Moving to Bratislava, Slovakia: what you need to pack

  1. Living in Bratislava could be really exiting and it is not one of those places you hear a lot about. We lived in the city for one and a half year and really enjoyed it. Regarding the seasons, it is really a big different between Bratislava in the Danube valley and cities more to the center of the country. 🙂

    • Definitely, there’s a huge change in the weather! How did you like Slovakia? It’s rare to come across someone who’s also lived there 🙂

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