Change of plans



One of the perks of being a backpacker is that our trips are budgeted. Money does not fall from the sky and there is no way that working a year in China gives us enough to do this trip without limits. So we are used to budgeting, which means we are also used to not visiting places that turn out to be too expensive. It is the spring festival season, and prices have doubled, sometimes redoubled.



As a result…

But it doesn’t matter, because it reminded us that we do not enjoy touristic places, especially in China. Around here these places are ridiculously expensive and most of them are not even nice to see, overconstructed, too fake, disneylandstyle. China is a coutry where the locals keep the hidden gems for themselves, probably because tourism destroys everything.

Having failed to visit Zhijiajie we decided to replan our entire trip and head where no one goes. We know that it’s not entire possible, because if the place is not remotely known there won’t be accomodations or restaurants, but we are ready to take the challenge, tent and sleeping bags in our backpacks.


China, we are ready for you.

January 23, 2014

2 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. For the Spring Festival…A crazy season…
    Yes ,it’s more expensive for many things.Because no one want to work in this season…
    Busy,crowded traffic…I havn’t bought the train ticket and I had to buy a more expensive ticket–high-speed railway…
    I eat many delicious dishes at home everyday~People also criticize the Spring Festival Gala this year~It is a warm winter.But sometimes suddenly so cold!Be carful to keep warm~

    • Why do they criticise the gala? I’m sure you ate a lot of delicious food 🙂 we had to eat… 方便面 Hahah nevermind, we were in Kunming it was beautiful!
      Are you back to Xi’an?

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