Xian bicycle

China is one of those countries that words can hardly describe. It’s almost impossible to depict Chinese daily life, the odd balance between the developing country and the traditional one. It’s also almost impossible to explain in writing how and why we, foreigners living here, love and hate China.  Living and working is China is not something you decide one morning and saying why would take too long… words sometimes just can’t make up for what a photo tells you.




So I’ve decided to make this new category to show you what daily life is like here, in Xi’An. With this section, I hope to to show what life here really is beyond the fastidious, typical, lying, black-and-white picture of the old man sitting on the side walk.


No. When you live in China that poetry just fades away. Although sometimes, if you take a deep breath and look closely…






 The noodles bicycle




The fruit bicycle




Cleaning bicycle: the perfect contrast




The breakfast bicycle wrapping things up





 The recycling bicycle and the Chinese nonchalance




Trash bicycle 


July 23, 2013

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