Under it

10 A.M: A summer day in XI’an.

To get up in the morning, sweep the thin layer of dust off the floor, off the bed sheets.
Looking through the window. Smiling at the blue sky before I open the window and see that the sky is not blue, blue is the window glass.
Take a walk, go run some errands feeling the extreme heat of the day. Looking up and looking at the sun directly, without sun glasses. No planes are visible, no clouds.
A summer day in Xi’An is living your life under the pollution cap, feeling far from the rest of the world. How is the weather supposed to be today? Warm and sunny. But it’s not 30, it’s 35 degrees and you don’t need sunscreen because the sunshine doesn’t get to you.
Going back home, cleaning this dust layer again. Thin, light, unremovable dust.
Those are the summer days. Being ridiculously sweaty, sleeping with the air-con on, missing taking deep-breaths of fresh air. Looking around and seeing faded colours, dust on tree leaves, always in a fog.
Can you take it?

Seven months in the city and only one day was the pollution below 40 but oh- what a beautiful day! Bright colours, clouds, sunshine, happy people-even smiling!- all around. Beautiful China, it’s a shame we don’t see you everyday…








October 2, 2013

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