Saniang bay 三娘

In our desperate attempt to find a decent beach other than Hainan at this time of year, we decided to head to Qinzhou, near Beihai.

We could see some beaches on Google map but as usual they were untraceable in real life. Asking some people around, we came out with this name : Saniang bay. It wasn’t too far from the city and seemed to be a perfect little beach to finale rest in peace.

As usual, I want to say, the perfect little beach was in fact some kind of national park, badly maintained, expensive and with nothing to see. However, there was a nice beach and as always, I bet the place is a thousand times better in summer ( they say they have dolphins in summer but if it’s anything like the China I know, the poor beasts will be kept in some kind of pool for tourists to see). China is just not a place to travel in winter ( unless you go far far north).


Entry: 50 yuan per person for foreigners, but we asked a Chinese lady to buy the tickets for us so we actually paid 30 yuan for two.


Get there: from Qinzhou bus station it’s 16 yuan each, one way. 1 hour ride.

Time: Half a day. There’s really not much to see… But it’s definitely a nice place to relax




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January 2014

February 6, 2014

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