After months of telling the same story in all my emails, I can finally show you my greatest source of pleasure in Xi’An: meet the popcorns.

Made from rice, as pretty much everything here, they taste like  “Smaks” (the cereals) or anyway, any cereal bar you’ve eaten with puffed rice. A little bit sweet, a little crunchy, they are the closest things to cereals I have here.

But that’s not why I get so crazy about them. I go completely crazy because if you want them, you have to follow your instincts and by that, I mean the ear.  Because you see, while you put your poor little popcorns in the microwave here in Xi’an we do it “streetstyle” (?). I can’t explain it – I’ve tried so many times though- but I can’t.

You just have to see (and hear) this.


the man never stops spinning the container






he checks the pressure inside






And I love that I find these little things in China, because that’s what makes it China. And I love that I have to listen to the sound of the explosion to know that somewhere near, there’s someone making popcorn!

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November 18, 2013

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