All the small things- Living in Bratislava

Bratislava church

The reactions to my last post got me thinking about how and what I’d written about Slovakia. I wasn’t trying to list negative aspects, nor was I saying that I didn’t like my life here. It was more a cry of wanderlust than a post about Slovakia.

Confused?  Me too! We’ve been living in Bratislava for seven months, and are just starting to see what it is that we like here… In short:










The more I stay here the more I like it.
It’s as simple as that. The more Slovaks I meet, the more they make me want to learn the language. If my first contact with Slovaks was with rude angry waiters gave me a bad impression, the people I’ve met at work and during nights outs have proved me wrong. Slovaks are friendly, joyful people. Open minded and above all, they love their country. They will advise you wisely, they will even be glad to take you on trips and tell you all about their history, the fauna and flora. They’re the best guides, way beyong paper guides and free tour guides.


Bratislava is small
Because I can’t talk for the rest of the country yet, I’ll only share my experience of Bratislava and around.
Yes, Bratislava is small, and that’s what makes its genuine charm. Small alleys that you miss if you are not looking hard enough, small quirky stores, small churches, small statues. Small villages outside the capital. If you know where to look at, you will be seeing a whole new Bratislava.
It is a small country but as the song goes, everything small is a small version of something big.



Walking in the woods, Bratislava



Slovakia is a museum
Picture yourself in a random museum in a big city. Picture a modern building enjoyable from outside and from what it shows.
That’s my vision on Slovakia. Between modern buildings, trains, trams, new roads and bridges, there’s a world of traditions. Souvenirs, landscapes, music, houses or food, you’ll always find something Slovak to lie your eyes on.



Mysterious herbs in a secret place… Bratislava



Details of a secret place, Bratislava



We are happy here and can’t wait to see the rest of Slovakia

As soon as we can take holidays…



Can’t get enough of it?



Bratislava castle

View from the castle

Bratislava old town

Up to the castle

Bratislava old town

The old town in Bratislava

Bratislava Slavin

Fancy neighbourhood around Slavin


Wandering around the Old Town

Bratislava castle

The Castle

Bratislava gate

Michael’s Gate

March 11, 2015

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